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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Truth & Lies

One theme I'm noticing in the Get Out the Vote rush by both Mr. Protack and Judge Lee is the flexibility of truth is Mr. Protack's hands. Though he continues to be upset by his inability to gather the attention of the media and electorate without Bill Lee's presence, he has found a way to reach out to voters: lie to them.

Mr. Protack's latest (only?) radio ad states that his "opponent" wants to recognize gay marriages from other states. Why Mr. Protack would so viciously attack Dave Graham at this late stage is beyond me.

I mean, he can't mean Bill Lee, who has stated that "gay marriage is not going to pass" in the Delaware Liberty Fund forum. If Judge Lee was going to fib about gay marriage to anyone, it would be that voting block, wouldn't it?

Mr. Protack has obsessed with Judge Lee's discussion with Ruth Ann at the Delaware Liberty Fund forum so much lately, that you might forget that he was invited to appear. He refused to respond, no doubt because he didn't want to catch the "gay cooties". Regardless of your opinion on gay rights or issues of sexual preference, it says a great deal about a candidate who refuses to speak to a group of voting citizens because he doesn't like them, but expects to lead them.

It occurs to me that one side will say anything for attention, and one side wants to openly and honestly lead the people of Delaware. That's why I am, and you should, vote for Bill Lee in three days.


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