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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Mke Protak to bann Spellchek!

F7 keys to be removed from keyboards in Protack administration

During a phone interview with Rick Jensen this past Friday, Mike "No-Tact" Protack phoned in to, again, interrupt an discussion with Bill Lee and challenge him to a debate. This not being the first time Mr. Protack has attempted such a maneuver, the other Rick J promptly cut him off and told him he could be on the radio on his own time. Mr. Protack was left to wonder how he could gain the respect of the electorate without disrupting interviews like a half-drunk Howard Stern fan. "Baba-Booey!!!" Here's one way to gain respect: start acting in a professional manner.

He can begin with simply editing his press releases. The most recent release to the press contained one error of capitalization ("OffIcers")- which puts it among the gold standard for Protack releases. Other recent Protack news items - and these are prepared by his "staff" for release to professional writers and editors, and available on his website - include these hits:

  • Protack files for Governor - 7 errors in spacing and 1 misspelled word ("particpants")
  • Protack comments on proposed budget increase - 1 repeated word ("doesn't doesn't"), 2 errors in spacing, and 1 misspelled word ("frm")
  • Taxes and Growth - 1 misspelled word ("totalling") and three punctuation errors
  • Education Fairness - 4 misspelled words ("becasue", "bureacracy", "clasrooms", "techers"), 3 errors in spacing, and one sentence fragment. These errors, again, are in Education Fairness.

Is there any wonder that the press doesn't take Mike Protack seriously? He's trying to gain the favor of professional journalists with documents that don't fully conform to the English language. That's like trying to impress a major league pitcher by girly-arming a nerf ball to him. Just use Spell-Check - every word processor has it these days. This may seem like nitpicking - but if "Team Protack" doesn't have a member willing to hit the one freaking button that corrects these problems before they send out the document, then the press release isn't the only thing that's flawed.

Writers and editors shouldn't be the only ones who call Mr. Protack to the carpet on this. As voters we should demand excellence from those who seek the highest office in the state. We should certainly hold them to the same standard as elementary school students - Spelling Counts.


  • At August 18, 2004 at 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, it's been four days, and he hasn't corrected his mistakes. Say what you want, at least he's consistent.


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