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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Educational reform starts at home

In addition to his documented problems with basic English, Mike Protack has now admitted to an inability to add and subtract. In this article from the Sunday News Journal, Mr. Protack admits to being "wildly incorrect about the amount of money he has received in his legally mandated filings" and "wildly exaggerating the amount of money his campaign has in the bank".

Oh, wait, those quotes are from me four days ago.

Mr. Protack, when confronted with the fact that he has $9188 in the bank rather than the $20,000 to $25,000 he claimed, actually said, "That was my estimate. I was off. I admit that." Mighty big of you, sir. And how does one make that kind of specious claim? Mr. Protack was under the impression that the $4560 filing fee he paid the state party wasn't an expenditure, so he included it in his estimated total. He counted money he knew he didn't have.

Well that explains everything. Now he's only off by $11,252, instead of $15,812. Even if Mr. Protack could count the filing fee as cash in hand, he would have been overstating his assets by 81.8%, instead of the 172%. (Percentages look huge when you are dealing with figures that small.)

By the way, smart thinking by the News Journal in running the article without a byline. With angry letters and rumors of lawsuits accompanying the Ron Williams editorial critical of Mr. Protack, it's best to keep your identity as secret as possible.

Speaking of the letter to the editor, if I had written that and posted it here, I would be lambasted for taking low blows at the Protack campaign. A few select quotes with comments:

I have never called in to WDEL to rebut statements. I do call about issues that matter. - "Ask him why he won't debate me" is not an issue. It is a plea for attention.

The 100,000 people without health care coverage don't care about the quality of my voice but they do care about the extent of my concern. - As someone who has gone for extended periods without health coverage, let me assure that no one gives a rat's ass about the extent of your concern. Your concern won't pay a doctor's bill, regardless of its extent. To imply that "the extent of your concern" will somehow give 100,000 health care coverage is misleading; it would be a miracle if your plan provided them with coverage.

As for campaign signs, there are about 100 over the state. - You are bragging about this? I don't think you can order fewer than that. Besides, that means Ron Williams was only off by about 99 signs. It's not like he was wrong by $15,812.

In other primary news, there was an article about education reform in the Delaware State News last Saturday. If you read it (and judging by the sales figures, you didn't), Mr. Protack suggested annual payments of $5000-$7500 to students who were transferring out of failing schools. Since 57% of Delaware's schools were considered "failing" two years ago, we hope Mr. Protack has someone else count the money before he signs that into law. That could get a little pricey.


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