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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Calling all accountants!

Both the News Journal and Delatacit have reported the now-posted campaign finance reports, which can be perused here. Mike Protack's report is curiously missing both a starting figure and an ending figure for this calendar year, but he was helpful enough to state that he has $20,000 to $25,000 in the bank.

According to his 2003 Year End filing, Mr. Protack collected $5,125.00 before expenditures. According to his primary filing submitted 8/12/04, he has collected $17,010.00 this year before expenditures. If he has spent absolutely nothing, he should have $22,135.00. So far, so good.

Here's where it gets tricky. If there are any readers with accounting knowledge, or with a campaign finance background, don't hesitate to comment.

In the calendar year 2003, Mr. Protack received in-kind donations of campaign materials totaling $2827.71. These donations, which appear to have been for postcards, postage, promotional items, and the like, were all donated by one person - Mike Protack. Despite those donations, the Protack campaign lists no tangible assets, either in 2003 or now.

In the calendar year 2003, Mr Protack listed $4457.56 in expenditures. In his most recent filing he lists an additional $3262.81 in expenditures - for a listed total of $7720.37. If that figure is subtracted from his listed collected total, Mr Protack should have $14,414.63 as of 8/12/04, well short of his stated $20,000 to $25,000.

There are other irregularities. His 2004 primary filing lists a donation received in the 2003 calendar year. No word on why in went unreported in that year.

He also reports an expenditure in excess of $100.00 to "Action Quickpoint", but lists no dollar value for it.

He also lists no donations in excess of $100.00 after April 17th of this year, and no donations from Delaware in excess of $100.00 since February 10th of this year. While that seems perfectly rational to me, it also seems unlikely.

Either Mr. Protack is wildly incorrect about the amount of money he has received in his legally mandated filings (probably true), or he is wildly exaggerating the amount of money his campaign has in the bank (again, probably true). Either way, he should save some money for an accountant to sort this mess out.


In other Protackian news, a well placed source has reported that Mr. Protack is considering filing suit against Ron Williams of the News Journal editorial board. Apparently, Mr. Protack was unhappy with his characterization in a recent editorial. I will risk being labeled a co-defendant to reprint the aforementioned characterization here:

"Radio for the homeless

There is no greater waste of time in this political year than listening to WDEL's Rick Jensen trying to fake a legitimate interview with bogus Republican candidate for governor Mike Protack. Jensen, who more often than not comes off as one of the more politically knowledgeable talk show hosts in the state, needs to lighten up on the Federal Communication Commission fairness doctrine and realize that Protack is a spooky, unmoving candidate whose monotone makes for awful radio.

That Jensen legitimizes Protack's bizarre candidacy is a first in the annals of Delaware politics. We've always had our wacko candidates, tolerated and ignored at the polls by clear- thinking voters, but Protack is uniformly disliked by other card-carrying Republicans. Democrats love him.

Even Dave Graham, the mysterious third candidate for the Republican nomination - is he still a candidate? - has stayed behind the scenes doing whatever luckless wannabes do.
When Protack announced his candidacy for governor to an unimpressed small crowd on the street in front of the law offices of Fuqua & Yori on Return Day four years ago, no one took him seriously. Even fewer take him seriously today. Protack got his latest shot on the Jensen show after he called in -- as he's done before -- to rebut statements or ask questions of Jensen's guest. In this case the guest was Bill Lee, the endorsed Republican candidate for governor.
According to accounts, Jensen had the sense to cut Protack out and promised him another day of free babbling.

In Protack's defense, he does have one known road sign, planted in a state right-of-way off Rockland Road and Del. 141. One day that sign will be as worthless as the faded Fed Theft and George Wallace stickers that can still be seen on rotting utility poles."

Will the above lawsuit be considered a campaign expense? Keep your abacuses at the ready...


  • At August 20, 2004 at 1:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How about this, Rick? I just was perusing Protack's web site for s*&^s and giggles, and I noticed that on his "contribute" page, it states "Your contribution will help support candidate recruitment and training, voter identification and list support, get-out-the-vote programs, issue advertising, absentee ballot program and direct financial assistance to Republican candidates." Any evidence that any money is going from the Protack "campaign" to any candidates other than himself????????

  • At August 20, 2004 at 10:20 AM, Blogger RickJ said…

    That website is a laugh riot. With the stilted English, awkward phrasing, and "Events" calendar with no future events (a portent of things to come?), there is no shortage of potential jokes.

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